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Hello and Welcome to our 'About Us' page. Here you will find information about One I.T. Place, a message from our founder, and our operating principals. Thank you for visiting One I.T. Place.
We look forward to providing you the best of class service.



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Our Business:

One I.T. place is a locally owned and operated computer service company head quatered in Brockrport NY serving the Greater Monroe County Area. We offer onsite and pickup/dropoff service and refurbish old computer equipment. We have extended service hours, offering service 24 hours a day 365 days a year including holidays. All service is performed by our own certified computer technicians. No third parties are involved everything we service we service ourselves. We incorporate our operating principals in everything we do. We don't want to be just any computer service company. We want to be the best computer service company.

Message from our founder and president of One I.T. Place:

Our 'principals' were created with the customer in mind and my own personal vision of how a company should operate. To me each customer is a living breathing person not a number and not a dollar sign. I am running this business to make a living for myself and my employees. Their is a clear difference between running a business to make a living and running a business to make pure profit. When running a business to make a living your goals are doing the job right the first time, addressing any customers needs or concerns, . and making a positive impact on the community. Running a business purely for profit makes customer service negotiable, customer satisfaction a number, and you just another number in a Powerpoint presentation to a board of investors and executives.

I have been a customer myself. I am also a friend, father, and neighbor. Through the years I have either worked for or dealt with a great variety of companies. Many have mission statements, goals or some other variant. Our principals are not just lip service. They are not created to wow or impress anyone. They were created to establish what I believe should exist in a company for it to trully be in touch with its customers. I call them principals because principals are the basic foundation of an individuals, group or company's integrity. Integrity has become a forgotten trait to most companies over the years. I believe that while statues and buildings can withstand a long test of time. Nothing can withstand the test of time such as integrity. At the end of the day nothing speaks higher for a individual, group or company than integrity.

In closing I would like to say that I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, your organization, group or business.

Thank You



Brian R. Cassin
One I.T. Place



In these times you need a company you can trust like your family or best friend. Whether it is your computer, your files, or your
personal data. We work extra hard to ensure your personal
information, privacy and that you are getting the service and support you fully expect.

You have a busy enough life and work schedule without needing extra hassles. We will work with you to provide our service to you in the way that is most convienant for you. We work for you!

Professionalism & Certification:
We require all of our technicians to be polite, professional and certified. By requiring these things our technicians have proven computer competency and can provide a much higher quality of service to you in a professional manner.

Computer problems don’t have a schedule. However you do. That’s why we offer service 24/7

Knowledge & Tools:
No one can know everything. By having our own knowledge sharing system we share information with each other constantly. One technician can have the power of many in just a few clicks. This allows us to resolve your computer problem with ultimate precision and effectiveness. This is one of many in-house tools we provide our technicians.